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Seeing the Raw Beauty of Life Through a Lens

Professional Photography Like No Other

Capturing Images of Your Most Cherished Moments

My name is Melissa Clark of Little Black Box Photography, and I photograph your life’s most precious memories so you can keep them for a lifetime. Since 1995, I have been professionally conducting outdoor photoshoots for families and children. I also specialize in taking newborn, senior high school, engagement, bridal, and outdoor wedding portraits.

Photos as Mementos

Pictures are captured not for the sole purpose of immortalizing the physical details of a certain life event—what it was, who were there, or when and where it was held. More importantly, they are here to remind you why it happened and how you felt that day. Through my pictures, I aim to help you relive the blissful emotions you had as you went through the most meaningful milestones in your life.

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Let me photograph your beautiful moments. For bookings, get in touch with me today. I serve clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.